the 40 churches, the windmills on top of the hill, and in the middle the Venetian castle built on top of a huge rock. All these elements together make a beautiful image of a defensive medieval small town that is going to surprise you. Worth visiting are the 13th century castle of Jeremiah Ghisi , the Gavra Tower that now is Archaeological Museum,

and the historical first Gymnasium high school of Greece constructed immediately after the liberation war of 1821. But undoubtedly the most important monument in the area of Chora, is the Byzantine Monastery of Chosoviotissa, a majestic multilevel building, built in 1088 by Alexander Komninos, in an extreme position on the eastern slopes of Prophet Elias mt. at a height of 250 meters above sea level.


Polytimi Studios welcomes you in Amorgos, the easternmost island of Cyclades Archipelago. Amorgos is located in the middle of Aegean sea, being the crossroads between North and South, Asia Minor coast and the other Islands. The eastern coast is extremely precipitous while the western coast is much gentler with small bays and peninsulas. Recently the island has become a more popular touristic destination and especially after the film "Big Blue", that in part was made on the Island. In spite of the touristic development Amorgos has kept alive most of its customs and traditions in everyday life. Amorgos has two ports: Katapola in the west and Aigiali in the north, both well connected by ferries with Piraeus especially in summer.

Chora is the capital of Amorgos. It is built in the middle of the Island on the SE slopes of Prophet Elias mountain and surrounded by small hills that keep her well hidden from the seaside view in such a way to be protected from the pirates. Chora is considered to be one the most beautiful small towns in Cyclades. The picturesque white-washed houses, the small streets, the arches,

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